Marcia Radosevich – Healthcare Executive and Advisor

Marcia RadosevichA private investor and advisor to New Leaf Ventures, Marcia Radosevich has guided the growth and development of several healthcare startups. She assisted a company that provided practice management software for physicians in concierge medicine, which has emerged as one of the fastest-growing primary care models. In addition to advising a developer of radiology order management software, Marcia Radosevich has also worked with a Big Data and semantic web technology firm, as well as a provider of personalized medicine products.

Ms. Radosevich advises these and other startups in a wide range of areas. She helps commercialize innovative ideas, creates business plans, and identifies promising candidates for key executive positions. Until 2013, she acted as an advisor at Entagen, which was later acquired by Thomson Reuters.

Marcia Radosevich currently serves on the advisory board of New Leaf Ventures, a venture capital firm focused primarily on companies with innovative approaches to healthcare. She is also a member of the board of directors of Kit Check, an RFID drug management systems provider catering to hospitals. Earlier in her career, she served on the board of Truveris, a fully automated platform designed to streamline pharmacy benefits invoice reviews, contracting, and bidding.

Before joining the advisory board at New Leaf Ventures, Marcia Radosevich was a co-founder and board member at Vitivity in Cambridge, Massachusetts. During her time with the wholly-owned subsidiary of Millennium Pharmaceuticals, she helped the company manage and sell personalized genomic information banking, genomic testing options, and personalized clinical information.